Irrational Labs Behavioral Economics

2-Day Intensive

We’ll release new dates in mid 2020. Stay in the loop

This program is best suited for people who are looking for a crash course in how to use behavioral economics to solve real-world problems. We find that general managers, product managers, designers, marketers and HR leaders get immediate and quantifiable value for their business and for their personal career growth.

Individual Pricing:
$3,800 per person

Group Pricing:
$3,400 per person, 2 people from the same company
$2,900 per person, 3 people from the same company

Ask about our nonprofit discount. 

Program fee includes food does not include travel costs

What you'll take away:

The top psychologies impacting your customer's decision making
Actionable insights on how to leverage behavioral science in your product and feature development
The “3B framework” for behavior change: Solve for human biases (used by companies like Google and Facebook)
How to bring the art of experimentation into your product infrastructure and corporate culture
Tools, like a behavioral diagnosis, that help you evaluate your current product experience and prioritize changes
How to use behavioral science ethically

2-Day Intensive Curriculum

Day 1
San Francisco
  • Fast-paced rapid-fire overview of the main psychologies your customers will face
  • Learn the framework for the 3 most important steps for behavior change
  • Get real-world case studies on how behavioral insights have transformed outcomes
Day 2
San Francisco
  • Hands-on practice using behavioral insights to identify gaps in your product
  • Deep dive on the tactics that motivate your customers to act
  • Interactive solution design session to bring it all to life

What Past Attendees Say:

A great investment in quickly grasping BE principles and learning to apply them to your organization and life using a repeatable process.

It’s a really good all-you-need-to-know-to-get-started kind of program.

A great way to learn how to apply behavioral economics principles to make products and services much more impactful in terms of reaching people and creating meaningful behavioral change.

Well-organized, respectful of students’ time, taught by true experts, enlightening and fun!

A framework that will revolutionize your life, and is easy to apply to all sectors, work activities etc.

This course will help you think and tackle problems like a behavioral scientist.


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