Behavioral Design Bootcamp for teams

Bring Behavioral Design into your organization’s DNA

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Behavioral science helps teams design products that have a massive impact – on both customers and business.

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In the course your team will:

  • Understand why your customers make decisions (aka the psychologies affecting all of us!)
  • Find out how to get your customers signed up and engaged with easy-to-learn tactics
  • Learn the proven frameworks we’ve taught to Google, Uber, Indeed, and more
  • Bring this discipline to your organization in a scalable and ethical way

When you sign up as a team, you’ll get:

  • discounts! The more team members that attend, the greater the discount.
  • a free 30-minute session with one of our senior behavioral scientists to review homework or talk about all things behavioral science (only for teams of 5+)
  • the accountability advantage: Teams that learn together, grow together!