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Why Behavioral Design?

What does it mean to be a behavioral designer? For products to grow and thrive, they have to align with how their users think and behave.

Being a ‘Behavioral Designer’ is about recognizing this truth — and using behavioral science to design products that improve customers’ lives.

Ultimately, it means understanding the behavior you’re designing for and finding ways to achieve it.

Is this easy? Rarely, but if there’s one thing that helps, it’s surrounding yourself with experts and a community that’s learning and thinking about these issues.

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What Happens in the Slack community?

A ton! You’ll connect with other product people and behavioral scientists, learn from them, get answers and insights from events and feedback on your own experiments, and get notified of relevant job opportunities.

Just a few of our channels include #ask_a_behavioral_scientist, #be_jobs, #be_tools, #psychology_of_the_week and #share_your_results.

Almost all of the tech companies we work with in the Valley are starting to use behavioral design. It’s becoming the number one skill set for product managers and designers.”

What Members Are Saying

If you think you understand your customers (or people in general) this will surprise, excite and equip you with the tools you need to make meaningful change in what you create.”

Coming from a Master’s in Applied Psychology, I learned some new nudges and have more examples to talk about when talking about why behavioral science is important. Thank you so much!”

The feedback is very valuable and I appreciate the opportunity to ask burning questions. Kristen is amazing at thinking on her feet. Very inspiring.”

I learned invaluable lessons and insights that I can apply immediately, both professionally and personally.”

Simply amazing! Can’t wait to put these concepts into use with my customers and my internal teams.”

Very cool to see the principles and then see them very specifically applied in a real-world context. Great work!”

I know our products inside out – but this really helped highlight blindspots that I was missing and enabled me to identify key friction points! This was the best learning experience I have ever had.”

I had no questions in mind, but left with real valuable actionable guidance. Especially took a big note of using the identifiable victim to stimulate emotions and validate the problem/solution further with data!”

The behavioral analysis I learned takes journey mapping to a new level. It helped me think deeply about where the product environment wasn’t supporting the user and how I could come up with actionable experiments to make it better.”

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