It's better together.

Learn behavioral economics with your team.

Behavioral science helps teams design and build products that have a massive impact – for your customers and your business.

Irrational Labs has released the most content ever in this 8-week Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a mix of lectures, videos and exercises. You get office hours with experts, an active Slack community to share your homework and an intimate kick-off call to help you plan how you’ll complete the course.   

In this 8 week course you’ll learn:

  • To apply proven design methods to increase engagement 
  • Understand the key motivations behind any decision
  • Learn the top biases that affect your customers
  • Design better products in a more ethical way, based on tried & true behavioral insights

 When you sign up as a team (over 5 people) as you get everything standard Bootcamp offers plus:

  • You get 1 free person for every 5 you sign up (~15% off)
  • A free thirty-minute session with one of our senior behavioral scientists to review homework or talk about all things behavioral science 
  • Develop a shared language for behavioral science in your organization
  • The accountability advantage: Doing things as a team.