Irrational Labs Behavioral Economics

4-Week Sprint

The next 4-week sprint will be on March 14 – April 7.

The opening weekend will be held online (in response to Coronavirus), followed by 4 weekly online sessions. The weekend curriculum will be shared with registered participants. Weekly sessions are held live on Zoom and last 2-hours.

These dates don’t work for you? We’ll release new dates in early 2020. Stay in the loop

This program is best suited for product, marketing, and design leaders who are looking to develop deep expertise in using behavioral economics. You’ll advance your career with a deeper and differentiated understanding of customer psychology. You’ll drive your business results by immediately being able to apply learnings to your company priorities.

Individual Pricing:
$7,500 per person

Group Pricing:
$5,800 per person, 2 people from the same company
$4,900 per person, 3 people from the same company

Ask about our nonprofit discount. 

What you'll take away:

Actionable insights on how to leverage behavioral science in your product and feature development
The “3B framework” for behavior change: Solve for human biases (used by companies like Google and Facebook)
How to bring the art of experimentation into your product infrastructure and corporate culture
Survey & experimental design methodologies, including statistical best practices
Tools, like a behavioral diagnosis, that help you evaluate your current product experience and prioritize changes
Materials to enable you to train the rest of your team
How to use behavioral science ethically
Certificate of completion of the course

4-Week Sprint Curriculum

Now held online!
Sessions 1-2

An Accelerated Deep Dive into Behavioral Economics

Week 1: Online
Session 3

Engagement & Retention: Designing Products People Love and Stick With

Week 2: Online
Session 4

Behavioral Marketing and Increasing Customer Value

Week 3: Online
Session 5

Behavioral Product Management Tools & Frameworks

Week 4: Online
Session 6

Behavioral Challenge

What Past Attendees Say:

A great investment in quickly grasping BE principles and learning to apply them to your organization and life using a repeatable process.

Insightful, practical and rigorous approach to understanding and applying BE from a practical action-learning perspective.

Really cool team! Your openness and passion was amazing. It feels like reading 100 books and studies of BE.

It made BE very concrete and applied versus an academic learning exercise. I feel more prepared to use what we learned in the real world.

A great opportunity to have deep learning in a short period time and prepare you to be suited to diagnose, problem solve and build/drive experiments.

The best thing that has ever happened to me in 2019 is attending this program!


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