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Behavioral Design Interactive Bootcamp

May 2022 Cohort

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This course has enlightened me about analyzing user behaviors, plus theories & strategies to induce behavioral changes.

Elise Jiang
Product Manager, Visa

Learn the skills we've taught to these companies:

  • Google
  • Intuit
  • Aetna
  • Lyft
  • Kiva
  • Anthem
  • The World Bank

Learn Behavioral Science in Live Sessions with Expert Instructors

Irrational Labs has taught behavioral design to thousands of top companies across the world. We use our understanding of human psychology to unlock product innovations, conversion and retention strategies.

In this 4-week Cohort-Based Bootcamp you’ll be engaging directly with our Irrational Labs senior behavioral scientists in live classes, discussions and Q&As, experts who have worked with our consulting clients like Microsoft, Anthem, LinkedIn and Credit Karma. You’ll also have opportunities for intense, detailed feedback sessions for rapid improvement.

Irrational Labs has worked with the top companies, solving the hardest problems. I couldn’t recommend the course more.

Dan Ariely, Author, Professor and Behavioral Economist

What Past Attendees Say:

Understanding the psychologies behind why people make decisions has been invaluable. Familiarity with behavior science is a must-have skill for all PMs.

Mathias Frese
Product Manager, Twitter

Much more than an introduction. I left armed with great ideas to make improvements in my work.

Ben Tingey
Innovation Manager, Atrium Health

This course gave me an entirely different perspective into how we make decisions, and gave me the tools to develop superior user experiences applicable to multiple situations of life and business.

Luis Carlos Sanchez

I loved this course. Now I have the vocabulary and research to more easy tell others at my company why we should change what we are doing.

Chelsey Paulsen
Sr. Technical Product Manager, Asurion

I’m sending my entire company to Bootcamp! We now have a framework, resources and data to formalize behavioral science into all of our strategies.

Jen Neumann
de Novo

This course is a game-changer. It gave me the tools for understanding people in more meaningful ways.

David Morera
Expat Buddy

As a Product Manager with years of experience building products that impact behaviors, this course gave me the framework and structure I have been missing in my everyday work.

Brody Clemer
Richardson Sales Performance

This course is worth the time and investment. Time flew by and I didn’t want it to end! I learned invaluable lessons and insights that I can apply immediately.

Maegan Anders
Bowie Capital Management

Connect, Interact, and Engage With A Collaborative Cohort

Interactive Lectures

Team Workshops

Cohort Collaboration

When working with Irrational Labs, I learned invaluable lessons and insights that I can apply immediately, both professionally and personally

Sr Product Marketing Manager

Weekly Schedule

Course Start: April 27
Course Ends: May 23

The cohort program is an intensive course, to train you in our behavioral design process as quickly as possible. The course is held during four half day sessions on Mondays, and also includes optional coaching on Wednesdays.

9:00am- 12:30pm PST
Jam Packed Lectures & Real Time Feedback Peers w/ World Class Behavioral Scientists
9:00am- 11:00am PST
(Optional) Individualized Project Feedback w/ IL Behavioral Scientists

The Curriculum

Classes include brainstorming, questions, and thought-provoking discussions. During live sessions, you’ll interact with your instructors and other business professionals through hands-on learning, exercises, lectures, and feedback sessions.

Week 0
Why behavioral economics is a shortcut for product design and marketing
Foundational principles of behavioral economics that will fundamentally reshape your thinking
The Behavioral Design Process: the 3-step method to design products that actually drive behavior change
Week 1
The 3Bs and Key Behaviors
The 3B framework for change: a simplified way to understand your customer’s psychology
The most important (and least understood) step in behavior change: Defining a “key behavior”
Week 2
Behavioral Diagnosis and Barriers
How to reduce cognitive overload in your customer flows
It’s all relative: How relativity drives our purchase decisions
How to get someone’s attention and keep it (ethically)
How to leverage the “endowment effect” in your onboarding flow
Week 3
Benefits: Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons
Smart ways to keep customers engaged (a deep dive on “concrete-ness” and “identifiable victim”)
Everyone else is doing it: The impact of Social Norms
Designing for incentives … and the mistakes most people make.
Week 4
Pricing, experimentation, and storytelling
Pricing 101: How to convey your product’s value
Mental Models: How to shape your customer’s narrative (great for new products and startups!)
The Behavioral Design Process: Experimentation
Becoming a Behavioral Scientist


1. Who should take this course?
2. How is the cohort-based bootcamp different from the self-paced version?
3. When are the sessions?
4. What is behavioral science?
5. Who is Irrational Labs?
6. Who is teaching the course?
7. What is the weekly time commitment?
8. What are we doing during each session?
9. How can I lower the cost?
10. How do the online sessions work?
11. What are the course qualifications?
12. How long do I have access to the content?
13. How does the application process work?
14. Can I participate with colleagues from my company?

I feel like we’ve been given a pair of X-Ray glasses to see a hidden world driving user behavior. These insights and tools will shape how we build experiences for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Murphy

Behavioral Design: May Cohort


8+ hours of lectures from our top behavioral scientists + CEO
Weekly rapid-feedback sessions with IL scientists
60+ downloadable articles, case studies and quick guides
Learn 20+ key psychologies to help with your largest behavioral challenges
Membership in our Slack community of peers and instructors

(Applications due April 18)

Custom Courses

Private, customized courses for your team are also available, starting at $3,000 per person (must meet minimum number of participants).