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Online: Behavioral Design

  • 8 weeks
  • Best for product managers, designers, marketers

Online: Behavioral Design for Health

  • 8 weeks
  • Design products, services, and other workflows to change behavior for better health.

Custom training for your team

  • Remote, interactive learning
  • Turbo charge your organization's BE expertise

What Past Attendees Say:

The best thing that has ever happened to me in 2019 is attending this program!

This bootcamp has completely changed the way I see the world, my relationships with people, and the power I have to make a positive change in the world.

We increased user engagement in our platform from 25% to 33% by implementing simple changes learned at the bootcamp.

Lots of practical frameworks and examples / references we can take back and implement in our work TODAY.

Companies Who Have Done Our Trainings:

Behavioral Economics is the key to building products and programs that work.

  • Understand why your customers (and you!) make decisions
  • Find out how to change behavior (for good) with easy-to-learn tactics
  • Learn the proven frameworks we’ve taught to Google, Uber, Indeed and more
  • Bring this discipline to your organization in a scalable and ethical way

In this course you'll:

Apply proven design methods to increase engagement

Understand the key motivations behind any decision

Learn the top biases that affect your customers

Design better products in a more ethical way, based on tried & true behavioral insights

Hear from people who attended our trainings


Who should attend this program?

Product leaders – including executives, product managers, designers, and others who are decision makers in the customer experience

Teams or individuals who want to learn how to apply research-based insights from behavioral economics and psychology to solve real-life customer problems

We will be more likely to accept you if are:

  • focused on behavior change for good
  • increasing financial well being
  • improving health outcomes
  • increasing happiness or productivity

We will not accept:

  • game designers
  • cigarette companies
  • advertisers
  • media companies



Who is this for?

We have found that people in the roles of product managers, designers, researchers, and marketers are immediately able to apply these insights to their day-to-day jobs. They get value out of it both in terms of business outcomes as well as career advancement. People working on products or services that positively impact their customers’ well-being have the best shot at being accepted (i.e., health tech, fintech, edtech, productivity software).

Our courses are for people who are curious about human psychology and decision making. They are for people who want to know what drives their customers to act (or not act). It’s for people who question their intuition and are constantly seeking insights about what actually works.

Who is Irrational Labs?

Irrational Labs was founded by author and professor Dan Ariely and Kristen Berman. Our mission is to use behavioral insights in order to help people be happier, healthier and wealthier. Hundreds of companies have used our methods and process to build new innovations and improve existing ones.

Companies like Google, Fidelity, Lyft and Uber, Aetna, Cuna Mutual, AARP, and have brought us in to work within their product and marketing teams to drive growth and engagement. Dozens of seed or series A startups have relied on us to help them understand their customers needs and build products that solve them.  We are product designers and behavioral scientists. We are deeply passionate about designing our systems and our environment to change behavior (for good).

What are the course qualifications?

We will accept all individuals from companies whose work is focused on making people happier, healthier, or wealthier.

What are the dates of the courses?

This is a purely online course. You can start within a week after you are accepted. You’ll get emails letting you know when the next module is available – there are 2 modules a week!  There are 18 modules teaching you key insights about consumer behavior and guiding you through how to make changes to your product and service to drive behavior change for good. It’s like a Coursera course.